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Go-To Market strategy for geeks

By Subraya Mallya

An excellent video by Chris Yeh(@ChrisYeh), an angel investor and one of the better speakers in the valley talks about Go-To Market strategy and many other critical things in a startup. Although the goal of the video was around readying the company for raising money, the points made are applicable to all companies. Specifically around […]

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Company Website – your best brand ambassador

By Subraya Mallya

With marketing moving increasingly online, a company’s website has become, above all, the quintessential brand ambassador for the company. The way the company website speaks to the visitor (a prospect) goes a long way in convincing them in becoming your customer. For a startup in its early stage when it does not have credible references, lot of […]

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Letting loose monkeys on bloggers is not PR

By Subraya Mallya

I have been meaning to write this post for a while but was holding back so as to not upset anyone in the marketing/PR space. But the the last straw finally broke and I had to publish this post. PR as you guys might well know is an essential part of marketing notwithstanding all the […]

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Stories Stick, Stats Suck

By Subraya Mallya

Technology Marketing has historically been a chest thumping contest between vendors claiming one-upmanship on the back of a variety of statistics. If it is not the TPC benchmarks demonstrating the might of a database performance under stress, it has been volume of orders processed, that has been centerpiece of marketing campaigns. You cannot escape walking […]

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Top SaaS Bloggers

By Subraya Mallya

I know there have been other Top bloggers lists that have been created elsewhere. But there have been a few bloggers that I have been following who probably don’t care about being in any lists whatsoever. But don’t confuse that with the passion they have for Cloud Computing and SaaS. They come from different trades […]

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Online Marketing Anti-Pattern #3 – Spray & Pray is Buzz

By Subraya Mallya

In this age of hyper-connectivity, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – companies have expanded their marketing outreach beyond the traditional PR outlets to include all the social media outlets. Having a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, all interconnected and sharing updates, has become the norm. Everything is about creating “buzz” these days. Social media is a […]

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Online Marketing Anti Pattern #1 – Keep ‘em under lock and key

By Subraya Mallya

Technology shifts into SaaS, Cloud Computing, Mobile have driven a multitude of changes in the way companies conduct business. Business models, technology delivery, customer support, pricing strategies all have been put through the blender to accommodate the new demands. But one of the biggest changes that has companies struggling to cope with is in the […]

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On-Premise to SaaS: Road Less Traveled

By Subraya Mallya

As SaaS increasingly becomes the preferred way for delivery and consumption  for all things software, incumbent on-premise vendors are feeling the heat to come up with their own version of SaaS application. Customers convinced of the  cost efficiencies of the SaaS model are resenting the hefty support contracts. The challenge of coming up with a […]

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