Should Customer Success Managers carry Quota ?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 05 February 2015

As companies continue to figure out the true role of a Customer Success Manager(CSM), various aspects of the job keeping coming up for debate. As such the Customer Success Manager job is an overarching role that touches various functions such as sales, on-boarding, implementation, training, support, product while continuing to be the single point of […]

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Have you mapped your Customer Success Journey yet?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 07 October 2014

We have all heard and know about Buyer’s Journey. The process they go through from the time a technology need arises, all the way through the decision process, involving inputs from all the stakeholders, till they make  a purchase. While that journey has been analyzed and optimized and then some,  I don’t think SaaS companies […]

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Evaluating a SaaS Subscription Billing Service

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 26 February 2014

Selling Software-as-a-Service has created new challenges for companies around subscription billing, pricing and managing customer accounts. This has created a new category of software offerings called Subscription Billing. This post will outline the characteristics of a good subscription billing software.

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Customer Success in SaaS

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 03 October 2013

Customer Success has become the mantra for software companies in the SaaS space to create a profitable company. I recently did a presentation to group of leaders from the technology space around how Customer Success is changing the very fabric of a software company. Customer Success is not a new term used for the erstwhile […]

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Can I have a trial please…

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 22 August 2013

This question was originally posted on Quora and I had responded. I am expanding on that answer in this post. As companies push firmly into a SaaS delivery model, providing ability to do a trial/evaluation has become table stakes. In the new world order of technology procurement, buyers are more educated and prefer to touch-and-feel […]

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Oracle acquires Taleo – reactionary or strategic acquisition?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 12 February 2012

Uncle Larry is at it again!!. First he threw a left hook at SAP by announcing a in-memory offering just when SAP was hoping to bask in the glory of their results and highlighting how, with HANA, they would unseat Oracle in their customer base. If that was not enough now to negate SAP’s acquisition […]

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Cloud Computing 2011, through my binoculars

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 11 January 2011

2010 was a blockbuster year for Cloud Computing, no two ways about it. The year started with naysayers pooh-poohing Cloud Computing as YATF (Yet Another Technology Fad) only to come back and endorse cloud with a backhanded compliment albeit calling it Private Cloud. A lot was achieved in terms of bringing down the hurdles that […]

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Multi-Tenant architecture for Enterprises?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 09 January 2011

The world is shrinking and the traditional boundaries between Desktop, Client-Server, Web and Cloud technologies are getting blurred. While some of your business applications should be strictly on-premise, some have to move to the private cloud and some travel to the public cloud. The users community of today’s applications are spread across Product divisions Geographies […]

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NextGen enterprise – all cloud all the time

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 29 December 2010

Cloud Computing has created enough of a challenge for companies. On the one hand, they have investments made into traditional on-premise technologies which has developed firm roots in the enterprise, thanks to all the customization, resources etc. On the other hand they see these new Cloud solutions, all of which they wished their existing vendors […]

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A blockbuster year for jargon creep in Cloud

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 28 December 2010

As we end the year 2010, a year that can be considered as  a blockbuster year for Cloud Computing, I thought it was time to take a look back. The rhetoric around “True” Cloud and “False” Cloud is still bustling along with gay abandon. The year began with Larry Ellison chiding – “What the hell […]

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Facebook repeats Google’s mistake

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 23 December 2010

Today when I logged into Facebook to accept an invite from an old friend, I was surprised by an invitation from Facebook to accept their email. I am told they are still in the “Invite Only” phase of granting email address. They had already generated an email address for me. I tried to see if […]

Comments (12) sheds the proprietary tag…almost

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 08 December 2010

As I write this post from DreamForce, my second year attending the event, the buzz here is incredible. The last two days have seen a slew of announcements from Being a showman is definitely not something Marc Benioff would complain being tagged as. for all the accolades still carried the tag of being […]

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Crisis Management in Cloud = Courage under Fire

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 16 November 2010

Service Levels have always been a critical business continuity metric that companies have tracked. This has been true even through the years when companies managed their entire technology portfolio themselves. With technologies increasingly moving to cloud, SLAs and the Recovery Metrics (RTO and RPO) are more critical for both the service provider and service consumers. […]

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Cloud Standards or Innovation – take your pick

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 11 November 2010

Last week I attended CloudExpo West in Santa Clara and had an opportunity to listen to many sessions, talk to quite a few vendors and those seeking cloud solutions. Amongst other things, lack of standards repeatedly came up as one the gating issues for wider adoption of Cloud in enterprises. I have continuously maintained that – Cloud […]

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Top SaaS Bloggers

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 04 November 2010

I know there have been other Top bloggers lists that have been created elsewhere. But there have been a few bloggers that I have been following who probably don’t care about being in any lists whatsoever. But don’t confuse that with the passion they have for Cloud Computing and SaaS. They come from different trades […]

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Netflix’s move to Amazon EC2 – explained

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 20 October 2010

Last week I attended a presentation by Adrain Cockcroft (@adrianco), Cloud architect behind Netflix’s amazing move to Amazon EC2 infrastructure.  Check out the video of the 90 minutes long presentation. It was an excellent presentation with a good mix of technical and business areas covered. (Besides that Netflix also sponsored large number of Pizzas for […]

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Multiple Personalities of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 18 October 2010

Cloud Computing has slowly but surely seeped into every aspect of technology. All the Cloud-in-a-box, not-in-a-box, babble notwithstanding, there has been steady progress made on multiple fronts.  With the challenges around Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) all but conquered, technology vendors have firmly and steadily moved up the stack to kill the Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) monster. In attacking the multitude […]

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Cloud – You Bastard !!

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 07 October 2010

The bastardization of term Cloud has exceeded all expectations and then some. It has gotten so crazy that not a single technology discussion goes by without someone tossing around the word Cloud but has no innate association with the real Cloud. If the technology geeks debating about it is not funny enough we have clowns […]

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Oracle shares its cloud logic with Exalogic

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 23 September 2010

Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud – the resounding noise of everyone trying to define their version of Cloud Computing just got a whole lot louder. With Larry publicly chiding the “Cloud-Washing” by wannabe cloud vendors, Oracle was in a bind. They could not simply turnaround and come out with their own cloud offerings. Now […]

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Cloud Computing arms race in full tilt

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 26 August 2010

The world is still wrestling with the after effects of the economic downturn, high unemployment, budget deficits galore across states, towns. Oblivious to all these worldly challenges the technology industry seems to be charging ahead. In what could be tipped as the Cloud Computing arms race, large technology companies like HP, IBM, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, […]

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Channel Strategies for SaaS

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 18 August 2010

The traditional software (on-premise) sales model relies on the both direct and indirect distribution, leveraging the indirect Channel (the Channel) to build a loyal customer base and to generate a large portion of sales. Value Added Resellers (VARs), and System Integrators (SIs) play a major role in the evangelizing, demand generation, pre/post sale activities and […]

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Would a Red Hat look good on that Rackspace?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 02 August 2010

The recent announcement by Rackspace and their partners announcing the OpenStack, Open Source Cloud platform got me thinking. While I am still a skeptic, when it comes to the technology industry coming together and defining a common standard that all the vendors stood behind (as I wrote in my previous post), there are still ways […]

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Will Open Source Cloud be the rainmaker?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 23 July 2010

Rackspace and NASA announced a Open Stack, an open source open standards based Cloud platform. To make it worthy of your attention, they have also enlisted Intel, Dell,  AMD, Citrix and a host of other smaller tool vendors into the program as supporters of this initiative. The OpenStack will be available in an Apache 2.0 […]

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SaaS: Track, Measure, Monitor, Adapt

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 14 July 2010

Software-as-a-Service business with all the virtues that it purports also demands that the service provider be agile. Agile, not only, in terms of the way product is built but delivered and managed. Unlike in the traditional software days, subscription revenue model requires that SaaS solution provider measure every process and continuously adapt based on the […]

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Microsoft Azure in review mirror is closer than it appears

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 12 July 2010

Microsoft has never been known to be the first mover in any new technology or product. If anything, they end up being the last entry into any new burgeoning technology area. Case in point, Office applications, Database, ERP, Web Search, Game Devices and now Cloud. But also true is the fact they don’t stay last […]

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EMC gets into Database Management

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 07 July 2010

Storage leader EMC, the original acquirer par-excellence is at it again. Today they announced the acquisition of Greenplum to get into Cloud Computing and specifically database management. For a company that started out as a furniture reseller (I bet you did not know that !), they made successful transition into memory disk drives and eventually […]

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Penetration Testing

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 01 July 2010

Penetration Testing is a process wherein you simulate the actions of a real hacker. A series of activities, aimed at various parts of a IT infrastructure, are performed to gain access to the data and network devices that one should not be having access to. The activities conducted during a penetration testing could assume the […]

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Intrusion Detection

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 01 July 2010

Intrusion Detection is the process by which you determine if there has been attempts to gain authorized access to data or application that is deemed as confidential. The source of  intrusion could be through any of the following means application, either through Unauthorized Accounts, SQL injection, URL hacking or cracking passwords network infrastructure, through open […]

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Two products Microsoft should set free into Cloud

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 22 June 2010

As with all monolithic technology companies Microsoft has had its challenges embracing Cloud and making big strides there. While they have got their feet wet by releasing the Microsoft Azure Platform as both a Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS)  and Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) offering, they still resonate more with the Private Cloud believers. (I firmly vouch my support a fully public […]

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Key SaaS Metrics

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 18 June 2010

As SaaS model firmly establishes itself as the go-to software delivery model, the metrics that companies need to track or manage their business to are different. Based on the sales model, user acquisition, pricing, revenue model, profit margins new metrics have become critical. If you are a SaaS business, here are few that you have […]

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CloudLock – Unstructured Data Governance

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 09 June 2010

Note: Aprigo has since changed its name to CloudLock. So any reference to Aprigo is just for history. If Data Overload, Fileshare sprawl, Data Breach, Regulatory Compliance are part of your day-to-day jargon at work then this should interest you. In this age of exponential growth of information, dynamic global workforce, companies have had to […]

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Apprenda Express: Expressway to get there

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 02 June 2010

Apprenda, the leading hybrid cloud Platform-as-a-Service for building .NET based  applications, announced the release of their free community edition Apprenda Express yesterday. I think this is the first of its kind where a company is releasing a complete SaaS platform that ISVs can download and start building their SaaS application. In my discussion with Sinclair […]

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