Conducting an effective sales discovery call

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 25 September 2014

Sales discovery call is an important event in the sales process. Assessing and gaining an in-depth understanding of the prospect’s real challenges, mapping that to our offering to demonstrate positive outcomes, all will have a big bearing on how (if at all) you close the deal. While everybody involved in the sales process knows the […]

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Securing and Maintaining Customer References

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 22 October 2013

Customer References are the best way to get credibility for your product. While the eventual decision by the prospect might be more dependent on your value proposition and how painful of a problem the prospect has, references could push the deal past the goal post. Providing references that can vouch for the product has become […]

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You never let me finish my point!!

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 19 September 2013

This is a complaint I have heard a few times from the sales guy in one of the companies I am involved with. But this time I thought I will do some digging into it. Here is some context. ¬†We routinely do role playing in the company before a sales meeting with a new prospect. […]

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Partnerships – shortcut to success or mirage?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 12 November 2012

There are partnerships and there are Partnerships. Software companies routinely explore partnerships to gain edge in the marketplace. It makes sense too in some cases. But in majority of the cases partnerships can prove to be a big distraction and/or misdirection in terms of execution. The earlier stage you are, as a company, the lesser […]

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Remote Product Sales Demo Techniques

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 15 June 2012

Sales Demos are challenging no matter what. You get an hour and you need to accomplish a whole lot of things in it. You research about the prospect, the participants in the demo and try to cater the demo to them only to find that come the demo time few new insurgents get in. That […]

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Channel Strategy for a early stage software company

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 08 May 2012

Channels have long been a staple of software sales.  To meet the global and industry specific needs, software companies have relied on channels to reach the elusive customers. As luck would have it, I was involved in two instances, last week, where a channel strategy was being adopted as a predominant sales strategy, albeit in […]

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What to look for while interviewing sales people in a startup

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 26 February 2012

As a Marketing lead or an executive that is not directly responsible for Sales, you must have been called to interview a sales candidate frequently. I have had my share of those interviews. Sales is one skill that I don’t profess to have any expertise on. The ability to create new relationships, manage them on […]

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Sales Demo techniques for a unique product

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 01 February 2012

Sales demos are tricky no matter what. Unless your product is a well-known brand like Band-Aid solving, a clear and distinct problem. Sales demos need a whole lot of strategy to go into it. If yours is a software product, a early version of your product and a unique product that falls in between the […]

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