What the Hell is Cloud Computing?

By Subraya Mallya - September 2009 | Topics - Cloud Computing

I know every one and their grandfather has their own definition of what Cloud Computing is. As we go through the blogs, marketing paraphernalia we keep seeing the definition of cloud computing evolve (or disintegrate). So to that end I sought to find out what some of the top technology leaders felt and thought of Cloud Computing. (No. I did not pick the order based on their unbridled opinion rating).

I will start of with Larry Ellison, the oracle of software industry. Most opinionated and has been mostly correct, as history has proven, albeit sometimes a few years early. Did I mention he is funny too?.

Then we go to Larry’s mini-me Marc Benioff, who gets credited with the large portion of SaaS success and has become the poster child for SaaS. You might have heard Larry himself giving his protege a plug in his video. Sorry, Marc was not available for a video shoot so he sent his marketing power point (or is it Google Presentation?) on his behalf

That covered we Googled a little bit and found Eric Schmidt chiming in with this thoughts

Someone asked what does Microsoft think about this? So we went up north from silicon valley to Redmond and check what another most opinionated technology leader Steve Ballmer had to say.

While there we sought out Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, and considered the brain behind Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing platform, to get things clarified for us in terms of the business model changes and innovations – [courtesy GigaOm].

En route we ran into Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Frank Gillett, who wanted to make sure we don’t hype the Cloud

Not to be left behind our friends across the pond chipped in with what they call the “the damn Cloud Computing” laced with ample four-letter jargons.

Thanks to Vinnie Mirchandani for pointing to this video through his post

Hope you enjoy this collection.

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