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My name is Subraya Mallya. I am tech executive, entrepreneur working in the Enterprise Software space. This is my personal blog.

What is PrudentCloud?

Back when I was at a large company, I had the opportunity to interact with a large set of customers. During my interactions, it became apparent that there was a wide gap in the way we (technologists) thought about how technology gets used and the way our customers thought technology should work. So I started PrudentCloud to share my thoughts and ideas around how these gaps can be bridged. Later on I joined a startup in the SaaS, Cloud Computing space, where I was responsible for driving product strategy, running SaaS operations. The very aforementioned gaps in perception between technologists and customers on how technologies should work,  became challenges that I had to bridge. Being a late stage startup, we dreaded going into meetings, expecting to be grilled on aspects that we did not do well. But to my surprise most customers completely overlooked those aspects entirely. While being happy that we got away and clinched the deal, I also thought this was an opportunity to share with customers things they should know. In my opinion this approach clearly graduated the relationship we had with our customers from a customer-vendor relationship to a trusted partner relationship.

I help startups and large companies in the Software space on their business/product strategy, software product development, marketing. PrudentCloud has served as an outlet to share my learnings around Software-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing, Governance, Marketing, Product Development. Most often than not, you will find us taking a pose from the customer’s point of view and focusing on the challenges companies face in delivering/adopting technology, trends driving the need, strategies they can adopt to deliver increased value for their customers.

What PrudentCloud is not

PrudentCloud is not

  • an aggregation of content written somewhere else.
  • a techmeme for pushing your PR stuff.
  • syndication outlet to repost your content from another blog.


The views expressed on this site will be my personal views and those of the guest authors and do not represent those of the companies that employ me as a consultant or employee.


  • Guest Post: From time to time, we will also have other domain experts, technology leaders in the areas of Enterprise Software, SaaS, Marketing, Product Management write guest posts on PrudentCloud. If you are interested in collaborating on a particular topic and contributing to PrudentCloud, please feel free to contact me.
  • Product Review: In addition to sharing my learnings, I constantly meet companies to review their product in the form of interviews, demos and subsequently profile them on PrudentCloud. If you think you have a great product/company reach out to us.

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