Pitching to Us

We get pitched by a number of companies, PR agencies on a daily basis on the variety of topics with the expectation of some form of coverage of their product/service on PrudentCloud. It is not possible for us to respond to every request we receive. But here are some guidelines to follow to increase your chances of getting a response:

  1. If you include us in your distribution list, please do the courteous thing and provide us an option to opt-out.  If we don’t have that option, it is fairly certain that your email will be blacklisted/marked as SPAM.
  2. We DO NOT sign any NDA. If you have something that has an embargo or some patent-pending technology that cannot be discussed, then we are happy to hear it after you have made it public. We don’t do breaking news. We are happy to consume it and give our take much later.
  3. We DO NOT talk to Business Development or Marketing executives. If you cannot offer the technology leadership (CTO, VP of Products) or CEO then there is very little chance that we will be interested.
  4. Even if we agree to talk or hear about your product/service it does not guarantee that we will write about it. We get a lot of these requests, it is not possible to write about everything.
  5. Please DO NOT send us your Press Releases. We are not interested in them. Repeat PR mailing will get your email classified as SPAM.
  6. Lastly, while you are at it read this post on our thinking around pitching in general.
All that out of the way, here are some easy ways to get access to us and get us interested
  1. Share with us something that shows one or more of your customers have benefited. Has to be from the horse’s mouth. No marketing speak. Our marketing filter is pretty strong and will sniff it out.
  2. If your company is doing something great for the world in general and not purely a for-profit organization, you certainly will get attention.
  3. If you know us personally, (and tell us a great story) then you get ahead in the line.

Guest Blogging Requests

If you are pitching to us requesting opportunity for a guest post then here are things that would make us interested

  1. Give us some background on yourself. (credibility wins)
  2. Send us some posts that you have written in the past around topics we are interested in (mentioned in the section above)
  3. Don’t send us highly marketing content that your company has written and your only goal is to get some coverage for your company.
  4. Instead of asking for an opportunity, go a step ahead and write the post you intend to post on PrudentCloud. That shows your homework.
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