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Early Adopters and the value they bring to your product

By Subraya Mallya

All products need validation before they are built to ascertain the real problem they solve. They need early supporters/evangelists, after they are built, to prove the worth in the marketplace and to cross the proverbial chasm. Getting people to try your product is tough but let us assume you were lucky and found some early […]

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Securing and Maintaining Customer References

By Subraya Mallya

Customer References are the best way to get credibility for your product. While the eventual decision by the prospect might be more dependent on your value proposition and how painful of a problem the prospect has, references could push the deal past the goal post. Providing references that can vouch for the product has become […]

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Customer Success in SaaS

By Subraya Mallya

Customer Success has become the mantra for software companies in the SaaS space to create a profitable company. I recently did a presentation to group of leaders from the technology space around how Customer Success is changing the very fabric of a software company. Customer Success is not a new term used for the erstwhile […]

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