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Oracle acquires Taleo – reactionary or strategic acquisition?

By Subraya Mallya

Uncle Larry is at it again!!. First he threw a left hook at SAP by announcing a in-memory offering just when SAP was hoping to bask in the glory of their results and highlighting how, with HANA, they would unseat Oracle in their customer base. If that was not enough now to negate SAP’s acquisition […]

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NextGen enterprise – all cloud all the time

By Subraya Mallya

Cloud Computing has created enough of a challenge for companies. On the one hand, they have investments made into traditional on-premise technologies which has developed firm roots in the enterprise, thanks to all the customization, resources etc. On the other hand they see these new Cloud solutions, all of which they wished their existing vendors […]

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Crisis Management in Cloud = Courage under Fire

By Subraya Mallya

Service Levels have always been a critical business continuity metric that companies have tracked. This has been true even through the years when companies managed their entire technology portfolio themselves. With technologies increasingly moving to cloud, SLAs and the Recovery Metrics (RTO and RPO) are more critical for both the service provider and service consumers. […]

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