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Oracle acquires Taleo – reactionary or strategic acquisition?

By Subraya Mallya

Uncle Larry is at it again!!. First he threw a left hook at SAP by announcing a in-memory offering just when SAP was hoping to bask in the glory of their results and highlighting how, with HANA, they would unseat Oracle in their customer base. If that was not enough now to negate SAP’s acquisition […]

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Workday lands $75M in funding!!!

By Subraya Mallya

Dave Duffield’s SaaS startup Workday announced today that they closed a fifth round of funding – a whopping $75Million dollars. If you are a small startup desparately struggling for seed or Series A or Series C funding of a couple of million dollars, this news should feel like someone pouring salt on a open wound. […]

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Workday lands the largest SaaS deal

By Subraya Mallya

On-Demand Human Capital Management (HCM) application provider Workday announced that it landed a largest ever SaaS deal to date. It announced that global electronics contract manufacturer Flextronics signed a 200,000 user deal to use the software to manage its entire workforce. While this is not going to be the standard size of SaaS deals that are going to be […]

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