Value Added SaaS

By Subraya Mallya - June 2008 | Topics - Cloud Computing, SaaS

Josh Greenbaum published a great article on Value Added SaaS, the incidental benefits of SaaS model besides the obvious cost benefits of being an alternative to on-premise.

I have long shared this thought about SaaS wherein the barriers for true colloboration are broken by having the value chain players all on the same platform. At Siterra, we have been advancing this notion for a while now. We support the entire value chain around Telecom Network Infrastructure management and as part of supporting virtually the who’s who of the wireless industry we have managed to accumulate a tremendous amount of execution data, wireless infrastructure data. We have always maintained that providing value-added services on top such a valuable library of data is our next frontier.

Here are some ideas we have been discussing

  1. Providing benchmarks based on aggregated information across other tenants
  2. Providing best practices
  3. Providing recommendations on scheduling based aggregated execution information 
  4. Sharing Planning, risk management, Constraints from companies in the same industries.

We see title companies, service providers, network providers to be a consumer of such information to optimize their operations.

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