Share your data breach challenges

By Subraya Mallya - June 2009 | Topics - Compliance, Data Security

Data Security breaches, leaks are a frequent news item these days. If it is not a hacker intruding a network, it is disgruntled employees taking data with them when they are let go.  If all else went well, it is a laptop that an employee lost and along with it all the crucial information on it.

All the new compliance mandates not withstanding, companies continue to grapple with the challenge of managing critical information like credit card data, employee data, SSN information, financial information that they need to safeguard from the unknown.

Now companies can share their challenges, readiness assessments, knowledge and evolve best practices in security and risk mitigation amongst fellow IT organizations in the industry through a community portal –

Right off the bat, you will find a handy guide – Seven Steps to Data Breach Readiness.

(Courtesy: Seven Steps to Data Breach Readiness
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