Who inside an organization is the primary buyer for an enterprise social networking tool? And why?

By Subraya Mallya - November 2011 | Topics - Sales

Social Networking is very broad. As a vendor, you will have to lead with the value proposition that is much more focussed than just saying “It increases collaboration and consequently productivity and innovation”. Pretty much every vendor says that. I would also recommend that you go narrow initially to a small constituency like marketing, bizdev, PS organization or sales and deliver value for them and have enough viral aspects in the product for it to spread. So in that sense your buyer is different depending who you focus on.

And here is a little rant of mine on the whole jargon

Personally, I think the term “enterprise social networking” is borderline oxymoron. (almost like Private Cloud). Social encompasses you’re engagement with people in and out of the enterprise. So social networking should have controls which should allow discussions/conversations to be private and that should suffice. It does not need a whole set of tools for inside the enterprise. But that is just me.

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