Workday lands the largest SaaS deal

By Subraya Mallya - May 2008 | Topics - Cloud Computing, SaaS

On-Demand Human Capital Management (HCM) application provider Workday announced that it landed a largest ever SaaS deal to date. It announced that global electronics contract manufacturer Flextronics signed a 200,000 user deal to use the software to manage its entire workforce.

While this is not going to be the standard size of SaaS deals that are going to be the norm, this should firmly validate the relevance of SaaS as a platform for enterprise applications. Moreover, it should also help companies get past the mental hurdle around having their critical data sitting outside their firewall. If anything, HR data is probably the most critical data (from Privacy concerns and given the litigous nature of this country) after Financials that a company safeguards.

While I can see the naysayers raising the issue of compliance (HIPAA, GLB etc) around personal data being hosted by a third party company and potentially some outsourced IT management company having access to the data, I would say – How is that different from your Credit Card data or How is that different from your Bank Data?

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