Besemmer’s 10 laws of being SaaSy

By Subraya Mallya - May 2009 | Topics - Cloud Computing, SaaS

Byron Deeter and Philippe Botteri from Bessemmer Venture Partners came up with 10 Laws of being SaaSy about a year ago. It was a corporate strategy for SaaS companies prepared in a slide deck.

Back when I came across this document in the SandHill Report, I had just taken over a new job as Chief Strategy Officer at Siterra tasked with Corporate Strategy, M&A etc. Being new to SaaS, this was really good reference to start off. I also had a chance to meet Byron to discuss some of these later on.

Specifically, the law around maintain the CAC/CLTV ratio is so relevant in the times we live in today.

I just went back through my documents and went through this presentation again. It seems like this presentation keeps on giving. I was doing some research on channel opportunities for a SaaS company based in India that is looking for expansion into US. Ironically they are implementing Law 7 explained in the presentation but in reverse. Starting from Asia, they are looking at US as the primary market for their software.

Take a look at some ideas I have shared around the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

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