Aravo’s LARGE GE deal

By Subraya Mallya - October 2008 | Topics - Cloud Computing, SaaS

Aravo – the Supplier Information Management SaaS vendor announced that General Electric has selected its hosted solution to manage the Supplier Information for 500,000 suppliers across 100 countries in six different languages. Here are couple of key things I take out of this announcement

  1. This is further illustration that large companies are increasingly making investments in SaaS solutions.
  2. If you really look into the Aravo solution, it is nothing if not a scale down, focused solution to manage a Supplier directory with all the related information. This is not something the large ERP vendors do not do already in their Supplier Management area but the fact that Aravo provides this in-cloud (and hence accessible from anywhere, anytime) and as a specific solution for that problem which illustrates companies are looking for simpler solutions that allow them to quickly and easily manage their critical data.

Congratulations to the Aravo management team!!

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