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Should Customer Success Managers carry Quota ?

As companies continue to figure out the true role of a Customer Success Manager(CSM), various aspects of the job keeping coming up for debate. As such the Customer Success Manager job is an overarching role that touches various functions such as sales, on-boarding, implementation, training, support, product while continuing to be the single point of […]

Conducting an effective sales discovery call

Sales discovery call is an important event in the sales process. Assessing and gaining an in-depth understanding of the prospect’s real challenges, mapping that to our offering to demonstrate positive outcomes, all will have a big bearing on how (if at all) you close the deal. While everybody involved in the sales process knows the […]

What to look for while interviewing sales people in a startup

As a Marketing lead or an executive that is not directly responsible for Sales, you must have been called to interview a sales candidate frequently. I have had my share of those interviews. Sales is one skill that I don’t profess to have any expertise on. The ability to create new relationships, manage them on […]

Online Marketing Anti-Pattern #2: Tis just another PR outlet

Marketing when done right can yield great results. But in most cases they are misdirected efforts. I am making an attempt to call them out under this Anti-Patterns series. For each of those I proposeĀ  alternative methods that would meet the goal. If you have not had the chance to read my previous post in […]

Change Moratorium

In one of my recent conversations with a past customers of mine, amongst other IT challenges we ended discussing the moratorium on changes or locking down the application from any changes. When would you want a change moratorium? Typically a change moratorium is put in place during some critical business events like Compliance Audits, Book […]

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