Storage Vs Stability

By Subraya Mallya - May 2007 | Topics - Compliance, Configuration Management

Oracle E-Business Suite is  packaged as one large suite of products irrespective of which products a customer has bought or licensed. There is a history behind this.

In the past, up until early releases of 11i, Oracle used to build, test and ship product Family Packs (FP) i.e, Financials, Manufacturing, Projects, CRM, Healthcare, HR to name a few.  Customers had the ability to selectively install the FPs that mattered to them. In providing  this ability the Oracle application development teams, from each of the individual product families, took the onus of identifying the dependencies and testing the various configurations the customers could potentially have the suite installed in.  Despite their best efforts to identify, document all the dependencies and thousands of plsql package stubs shipped to ensure that  the product installed and worked, the installation was still fraught with issues. The challenge only got worse with the expansion of the EBS functional footprint across Manufacturing, CRM, Projects, HR.

Finally Oracle decided (rightfully so) to ship the entire suite and thereby eliminated this wasteful exercise of testing all the possible configurations, redundant stubs being shipped etc. It was a trade-off between additional storage costs vs potential instability caused due to application dependencies. With storage costs rapidly going down customers did not seem to complain. Oracle on its part, seems to have got it right, based on the results of subsequent releases, as the chinks in installation seem to have disappeared in the later versions of 11i.

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