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By Subraya Mallya - November 2010 | Topics - Cloud Computing

I know there have been other Top bloggers lists that have been created elsewhere. But there have been a few bloggers that I have been following who probably don’t care about being in any lists whatsoever. But don’t confuse that with the passion they have for Cloud Computing and SaaS. They come from different trades – CMOs, VCs, Repeat Entrepreneurs (I prefer Repeat to the Serial.. stuff ), Long Time Executives and a common theme amongst them – extremely smart individuals.

Bob Warfield

Bob comes from the vantage point of having done it multiple times, starting a running web based businesses that is. He currently runs a SaaS business. His blog Smoothspan Blog could very well be confused for a Technology Magazine (minus the ads off course). Bob is a technologist and you can see that in his posts as he smoothly transitions between technical and business topics.

Bruce Cleveland

One of very first SaaS/On-Demand business executives. He ran the Siebel On-Demand business when a lot of things around running a SaaS business was black magic. Pricing, Marketing, Cost-of-Sales, Profit Margins all got a make-up when companies transitioned to SaaS model. Bruce went through a transition of sorts going from running a on-premise business to an on-demand business. Now he doles out money to those with interesting ideas as a VC at InterWest Partners and blogs on his views from the other side of the table.

David Skok

David is a general partner with Matrix Partners. But in my opinion he is truly a entrepreneur in the guise of a VC. Just read some of the extremely detailed essays he writes on some of the toughest problems SaaS companies face. He has multiple books hidden in his website. I routinely print his posts and read them in detail. Lot of my business side learning has come from David’s website, aptly named For Entrepreneurs.

Joel York

Joel is another champion marketeer. He has a little bit of mathematician in him. Most outsiders think marketing is all about fancy campaigns, flashy stuff. Joel shares the science behind the marketing in his blog.  You can find some of the most definitive information on SaaS around Sales, Marketing and Service metrics on his blog.

Phil Wainewright

As a matter of philosophy I don’t follow a lot of analysts. I prefer to read/follow those that have been in the trenches and (have) run businesses. But the one exception to that and I certainly wanted include was Phil Waineright. (Phil, sorry if you take exception to be categorized as an analyst). He is one of the premier commentators on SaaS – probably one of the first bloggers around SaaS. From his posts it seems like he has worked with majority of the SaaS companies that matter on either side of the pond. His recent pet peeve has been debunking the philosophy that Multi-tenancy is not a pre-requisite for SaaS.

What can you expect?

Here are some themes you can expect from these blogs

  • They are not so prolific (I take that back – maybe Phil is – don’t know where he finds time) in the sense of writing a blog post or two per day. But when they do write, their attempt is to educate people.
  • The posts are usually long detailed and upon reading leave you with the learning experience of the topic. They don’t usually write on topics that make the news of the day.
  • Most of the blog posts will have supporting information that walks readers to the conclusion and not pontification.
  • All of them take time to interact with their readers and most often than not respond to comments/point of views.
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