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Company Website – your best brand ambassador

By Subraya Mallya

With marketing moving increasingly online, a company’s website has become, above all, the quintessential brand ambassador for the company. The way the company website speaks to the visitor (a prospect) goes a long way in convincing them in becoming your customer. For a startup in its early stage when it does not have credible references, lot of […]

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Online Marketing Anti-Pattern #3 – Spray & Pray is Buzz

By Subraya Mallya

In this age of hyper-connectivity, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – companies have expanded their marketing outreach beyond the traditional PR outlets to include all the social media outlets. Having a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, all interconnected and sharing updates, has become the norm. Everything is about creating “buzz” these days. Social media is a […]

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Killing the messenger – not a smart move

By Subraya Mallya

As companies continue to make great efforts to connect with their customers, partners through their social media efforts including executive blogging, twitter, wikis and videos, Oracle pulled a switcheroo by yanking a popular employee blog that augmented Oracle Support. The blogger’s crime, apparently, was that he provided an avenue for community users to interact and […]

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