Offshoring is an art

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 16 January 2012

By now you would think offshoring has acquired enough notoriety. Lots of water has flown under the offshoring bridge. Best practices have been written, re-visited and rewritten. So it was kind of a surprise when I got this call from a friend of mine who was trying to get this “offshoring” thing started in his new […]

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CloudLock – Unstructured Data Governance

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 09 June 2010

Note: Aprigo has since changed its name to CloudLock. So any reference to Aprigo is just for history. If Data Overload, Fileshare sprawl, Data Breach, Regulatory Compliance are part of your day-to-day jargon at work then this should interest you. In this age of exponential growth of information, dynamic global workforce, companies have had to […]

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Risk does not mean danger

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 01 December 2009

Peter L. Bernstein, the celebrated author of Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk gives us his great insight on history of Risk Management and the two sides of risk. Great thoughts!

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Open Source Governance Framework

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 12 October 2009

As Open Source software continues to penetrate every facet of software business (vendor and consumer) companies now face a challenge in getting a handle on the various open source software that they might be using. In the course of the last three years of my working with many startups or their leaders, I have found […]

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SaaS: Legal Issues explained

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 13 August 2009

Established companies venturing into SaaS business or newbies starting off as SaaS companies have to deal with a lot of new and evolving challenges. Everything that you can possibly think of is different with SaaS model. To say that it is changing the software business is an understatement. Starting with delivery model, architecture, sales, support […]

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Audit Certification Accountability

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 22 July 2009

Compliance audits have become a part of life for most companies these days. Companies have relied on certifications to establish and declare the conformance of the related business processes and internal controls to the various regulatory mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, HIPAA. But incidents of data breach that have occurred, time and again prove that just […]

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Oracle EBS Controls: Security Best Practices

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 07 July 2009

Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) enacted in 2002 created a watershed moment for companies forcing them to take a critical look at their internal controls and  processes. Executives operating unfettered until then abusing company resources and shareholder money were now asked to account for their actions. Although the mandates under the SOX Act started out murky […]

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Share your data breach challenges

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 29 June 2009

Data Security breaches, leaks are a frequent news item these days. If it is not a hacker intruding a network, it is disgruntled employees taking data with them when they are let go.  If all else went well, it is a laptop that an employee lost and along with it all the crucial information on […]

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Tavve: Zone Ranger

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 28 May 2009

IT Management has become a critical need in companies that leverage extensive technologies to meet their business demands. Change Governance, Security, Automation and Service Delivery are the key focus areas for IT organizations. With global networks, companies have to contend with securing the network to protect their intellectual property, data and corporate assets. As security […]

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SaaS: Data Security – Should I be concerned?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 27 May 2009

One of the key concerns associated with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is and will be data security. The fact that your business data goes out of your network and resides in the software vendor’s data center should warrant concern. But with upfront due diligence and ongoing oversight, you should be able to get you past your inhibitions […]

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Change Dynamics: IT Symphony

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 18 May 2009

Enterprises, both large and small, are now required to stay competitive in this global business environment. Managing a global workforce, dealing with  on-going mergers & acquisitions and being subject to regulatory mandates have challenged the way IT is managed and the level of sophistication required. The Information Technology portfolio in companies has become a mishmash […]

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SaaS – A Compliance Nightmare?

Submitted by Subraya Mallya on 08 January 2009

In the regulatory climate we live in today, by adopting Software-as-a-Service/Cloud based services, business are confronted with two equally challenging choices. On the one-hand, SaaS provides companies with a controlled environment outside the control of their IT organization. The internal IT staff will have no access to the application, the data and infrastructure configuration that […]

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