Two free tools that help you with meetings

By Subraya Mallya - June 2012 | Topics - Goodies

We all have meetings everyday and with more remote working it is more the norm than before. For customer demos it is critical that you get a paid offering like GoTo Meeting. For rest of the informal meetings that you by the dozens in a day, you need something easy and cheap, better yet free. While Skype used to help with both, now with Skype being part of Microsoft and them slowly adding fremium models, it is no longer possible to do screen share. So here are two tools that you can use provides a easy to use instant meeting solution by which you can easily do screen sharing and ┬árun meetings and spare the participants the agony of installing any plugins on their desktop. It is slick and works just fine (I have run more than 30 meetings to vouch for it). If you are the presenter, it downloads a small app on your end with auto-installation that is less than a minute long and you are all set. You can begin the meeting and share the meeting id in the XXX-XXX-XXX format to your fellow participants. That is it. It’s a breeze.


Rondee is yet another entrant to the free conference calling arena. Most of the existing free conference calling solutions run into issues with VOIP solutions like Google Voice, Magic Jack and others. Rondee works around that with a California number and it works like a charm. You can schedule or do a instant call, record the conversation and have it mailed to you as a MP3 file. It gives you option to control whether you want to have your participants actively participate or be in a listen only mode.

Give both a try.

Disclaimer: I do not have any vested interests in either of the services.

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