Lightweight PDF Reader Alternatives to Acrobat Reader

By Subraya Mallya - April 2012 | Topics - Goodies

As you know through my posts or tweets, I have disgust for Adobe products in general. They are bloated and power hungry. Adobe Reader over the years has become a bloat with lot of additions which are not really needed if you just want to open a PDF file which someone sent you.

So if you are in the market for a free alternative PDF reader – I give you two for the price of none.

  1. Foxit Reader Рone that I have been using for the last 4-5 years since I first developed the distaste for Adobe products. Foxit is comparatively lightweight to install and run. Starting as a barebones PDF reader, over the years they have added a few bells and whistles like skinning, browser integration, recollection of previous sessions to make it more appealing. Also recently they have added sugardaddy toolbar to fund their free version. If you keep your eyes on the installation and uncheck the toolbar installation, you are good to go. You can download Foxit reader from their site here
  2. SumatraPDF – the new kid on the block and my current favorite when it comes to PDF readers. I am stickler for bare bones and this serves me just fine. It is fast and has a smaller footprint. If you are just venturing out into free adobe alternatives world, I suggest you try Sumatra first before looking elsewhere. Download it here


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